5 Phenomenally Fabulous Birthday Presents for Her

She’s too fussy. She has everything. She has expensive taste. Uh oh. Panic sets in and alarm bells ring as you rack every last cell in your brain trying to think of an appropriate birthday gift for her, whether she’s your mum, partner, sister, best friend or grandma.

Socks? Cliché. Perfume? Boring. Chocolates? Definitely, definitely not.

Think outside the box. What’s she going to remember more: some toiletries you picked up at the last minute or something you spent the time creating for her? It’s a no brainer. Everyone has a thoughtful side – even you!

When a loved one’s birthday is looming, the idea of choosing a unique gift can baffle many of us. It’s not always easy to avoid the clichéd birthday ideas for her. But there is a solution. Read on and avoid giving woolly socks or a bunch of posies for the tenth year in a row. So…

Consider personalised birthday gifts for her. Meaningful, fun and imaginative, all at once, there are personalised gifts galore, the truest gifts of love… the best presents for expressing your heartfelt emotions… presents that will add life to celebrations… gifts that come straight from your heart. Enough said. So what’s up for grabs?

5.) Engraved compact mirrors. This has to be one of the loveliest personalised birthday gift ideas for her. There are oodles to choose from, including silver compact mirrors, crystal compact mirrors, Swarovski crystal compact mirrors and even mirrors featuring handbag designs. Once you’ve chosen your mirror, add your own message to it to create an unforgettable gift.

4.) Personalised Champagne. Okay, so realistically, what lady in her right mind would turn down a bottle of bubbly on her birthday, especially one featuring her name on the bottle label? So go on; pop the cork on a bottle of personalised champers to celebrate her birthday!

3.) Engraved champagne flutes. What girl wouldn’t enjoy drinking her bubbly in an elegant flute emblazoned with her name plus a special message from you? Classy and stylish, you can add your own message to these birthday gifts for women… the perfect way to enhance the enjoyment of the much-loved sparkling tipple.

2.) Personalised birthday mugs. When it’s a loved one’s birthday, you need to tell her she means lots to you, that you appreciate her presence in the world. Celebrate her arrival on this planet with an exclusive birthday mug, personalised with her name, age or even a special message. Young or old, personalised mugs make incredibly unique birthday gifts for her!

1.) Gourmet food hampers. These make super-scrummy gifts for her birthday – wicker baskets chock-full with sweet and savoury treasures, from olives and marmalades to chocolate and bottles of vino. An extremely edible, incredible birthday wish she’ll never forget. What’s more, you can personalise the bottle label with her name along with a special message.