Top Power BI Development Companies to Grow Your Business In the Modern Era

Microsoft power bi(business intelligence) helps organizations in analyzing data and also share insights. Using power bi service, small and big enterprises can monitor their business operations closely and receive quick answers via rich dashboards. This technology keeps updating itself every month with amazing features and functions.

As per MarketsandMarkets report, the global BI market size to grow from USD 23.1 billion in 2020 to USD 33.3 billion by the year 2025 @CAGR of 7.6% according to the forecast period.

Rising demand for data visualization, digital transformation success, increase in cloud adoption, and rising investment in analytics has led many companies to make a shift to this technology. But, due to the presence of a number of power bi consulting companies, it would be hard to decide on one.

To ease this, I have researched on top 10 power bi consultants and checked on major pointers personally.

Here I have listed the top 10 power bi consultants(having 100% global recognition) on the basis of some important parameters’ viz. Expertise level, hourly price, client feedback, the latest technologies used, workfolio, etc.

Find the list below:

1) Flexsin
Official Location:India, United States
Cost per hour: $25/hr
Employees Count: 250 – 999
Founded In:2008
Flexsin is one of the largest power bi consulting services providers striving to provide web application development services, mobile application development, digital marketing and SEO, power bi service to its clients worldwide by adopting a business model that is distinctive and immensely productive.

They integrate the latest BI technologies to help your business seamlessly discover the most powerful information in real-time. By gaining insights into their business data, they also design interactive visualization solutions and smart dashboards to make decisions that increase ROI.

Notable Clients: Tweetvend, My favorite halal, Swedishlotto, FundingNest,

Core Service Area: Digital Marketing, Web Development, eCommerce development, power bi consulting services, AR/VR development, DevOps

2) ValueCoders
Official Location: India
Cost per hour: $25/hr
Employees Count: 250 – 999
Founded In:2004
ValueCoders has been providing power bi services around the world that combine business domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and the latest technologies with over 450 well-trained software professionals, including power bi consultants to deliver high-quality solutions that add value to your business. They are serving everyone for their various technological requirements since 2004.

They have a team of dedicated Microsoft power bi consultants who help startups, SMEs, and enterprises analyze business data and gain useful insights. Therefore, you can hire bi developers from here who aim to harness their potential to address organizational challenges for large-scale data storage and seamless processing.

Notable Clients: Track Opinion, ZenQ, Novea, FlexiLoans, Capgemini, Selectspecs, Estel, Dubai Police, Risk Logic, Reaqua, Affle

Core Service Area: IT strategy and consulting, Dedicated Software /Web/ Mobile/ App Teams, power bi consulting services, Online Appointment Booking Software Solutions, Food Delivery App Development, Fintech Software Solutions, QA/ Testing Services, Web/App Design, Blockchain, Android, iOS.

BEP 20 Token Development | Create Your own BEP20 Token

Are you the person who willing to create a Crypto Token for your own?

If yes!! then Create your own Token within a 4 days!


Nowadays over the Binace Smart Chain Network is the famous token among the Crypto Entrepreneurs. Similar like that BEP20 Token.

Creating a BEP20 Token Over the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) are increasing Skyrockets by Crypto Peeps, Business Enthusiast.

Why is the Binance Smart Chain is in Trends?

The Binance Smart Chain holds plenty of benefits to the end-users such as the staking BNB, validators return benefits and Cross-chain compatibility across networks. The BSC is an ideal place for traders to make the trade.

Create Your Own BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain
Create BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain exhibiting its quality of service like governance, token minting & token burning mechanisms in parallel with the BNB which is the base currency of the Binance Smart Chain.

The BEP 20 Tokens are developed to exhibit decentralized banking services through the Peer-to-Peer financial systems delivering endless service extensively over the Binance Smart Chain network.

BEP20 Token Development
We, Maticz Technologies the Pioneer BEP20 Token Development Company develop the benchmark BEP20 tokens for the optimal users of the Binance Smart Chain for managing their Crypto Assets, coins, and Tokens.

BEP20 Token Development is the process leading to the creation of a native token operating chiefly over the Binance Smart Chain, which readily contributes to the participants actively seeking the service of the Binance Chain for the effective monitoring of their Crypto monetary policies.

Olukai Mens Boots–Important Details For Buyers

We are introducing Olukai boots to you in this article.

Olukai brings three Hawaiians together with this boot – an explorer, an artist, and a surfer.

Wet Sand Rule

Prompted by the feeling of your bare feet in wet sand, Olukai has developed its footwear with anatomically contoured footbeds to provide an excellent symmetry of instant convenience and permanent balance for comfort and support.

This particular feature is available in all Olukai footwear, from casual sandals to formal shoes. Ranging from their water-friendly sandals to beach town shoes and upcountry boots. Olukai’s footwear all have something in common, they are built to provide comfort.

The Outsole

Reliable, high-density, non-marking rubber outsole, embossed leather arch input, and leather welt.

The Foot bed

Triple-layer comfort Eva foot bed. The EVA provides lightweight cushioning along with Moisture-wicking microfiber veil.

Non-Marking Rubber

Therubber is an element of natural and synthetic rubber that will not give you marks or scuffs on your skin. The gum rubber used on the rubber outsole as a natural element will not cease its non-marking nature.

Detachable Foot Bed

Olukai boot is built to provide the perfect environment for your feet. Based on this feature, they decided to craft the foot beds and make them detachable and washable.

Water Resistance

Lightweight, quick-dry, breathable, and reliable materials designed to be used in water.

Olukai Boots Help Reduce Foot Issues

Olukai Mensboots are lightweight, credible, elastic in some places, and quite easy to wear. They are built with breathable mesh fabrics and genuine leather. They have standard sows, and anatomical foot beds to make sure that you get an outstanding fit.

Olukai boots also feature little arch aid for people searching for a small amount of aid. They help with most widespread foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, Hip pain, Fallen Arches,flat feet, over/under pronation, and bunions.

Olukai Boots Provide Comfort And Style

Prompted by the Hawaiian way of life, Olukai Mens boots are created with high-end craftsmanship and durable comfort for everyday movement. Beach-to-town, upcountry boots, Olukai boots deliver a heel cup that carries the foot to reduce side-to-side activities. Any time you put on Olukai boots your feet will feel like they are on relaxation.

Olukai’s anatomically contoured foot beds provide the perfect balance of immediate comfort and durable aid.

• The heel: To reduce side-to-side activities, the heel cup carries the foot delivering balance and natural shock absorption.

• The Arch: The anatomical arch aid delivers all the comfort and aid that your feet require.
The Toe: With the room given to move, the toe box is built to allow your toe to move freely and naturally. It doesn’t tighten and squish your toes together.

Are Olukai’s Men Boots Durable?

Yes! The men’s boots are built with topnotch and reliable materials that would carry you for a long time. Of course, the life span would be determined by how often you wear the boots.

Are Olukai’s Men’s Boots Comfortable While Standing?

Yes! Olukai men boots are comfortable while in any position, they are made for you to stand on, hence the anatomical foot beds enhance good medical and lateral arch aid, long-term comfort, and a perfect fit.

It’s Very Important To Know All You Can About Our US Presidents – Including the Present One

Our founding fathers wanted a citizen’s government. They wanted normal people to be involved in choosing the direction of our nation, not just elite leaders, members of certain families, or special groups of people that got together to serve their own interests rather than the will of the people. At the same time they wanted to make sure that those who were in government and even those that voted had a vested stake in the future of this great nation.

This is why only land owners were allowed to vote at first. They also realized the challenges of an electorate that might utilize the government and take unfair advantage of the nation’s treasury and resources. That of course is very wise thinking isn’t it? The great thing about the United States is that we believe that anyone can become president and rise to that highest office, that everyone has a chance to succeed.

Still, it’s very important to understand who our leaders are, what they think, how they think, and if they are fully qualified. The position these days, seeing as the United States is the only world’s true superpower, mean our president is in essence the leader of the free-world and therefore, well let’s just say the stakes are quite high aren’t they?

Today, in 2012 the US electric has reelected our first black president, a testament to our diversity, and belief in our own system of freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. A belief in opportunity for all – that’s a wonderful thing, a noble cause, an incredible accomplishment for humankind as I’m sure you will agree.

Nevertheless, there is a very good book to read about President Barack Obama, this is a book I do own and often recommend to those who voted for him. You see, I believe everyone should know all there is to know about our sitting president whoever that might be at any particular present period. The name of the book I want to recommend is;

“The Amateur – Barack Obama in the White House” by Edward Klein, Regnery Book Publishers (an Eagle Publishing Company), Washington DC, 2012, 277 pages, ISBN: 978-1-59698-2.

This author also wrote the book; “The Truth About Hillary” many years the prior. This book suggests amongst other things that “Bill Clinton loathes Barack Obama and attempted to get Hillary to run against him,” and “how Obama split from the Kennedy family,” and “how Obama has taken a personal role in foreign policy more than any president since Richard Nixon – with disastrous results.”

After I read this book, I was rather shaken up and I felt that I knew less about our president than I ever had despite all that I had learned from the media, and in reading the president’s three memoirs which account for most of his wealth, that we know about. I encourage everyone to read this book and take a balanced approach, and consider how very important it is to know all you can about our US presidents, including the present one. Please think on it.